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Discover Czech Regions: Usti Region – Gate to Bohemia

Decin is the biggest entrance gate to the Bohemian Switzerland and Labske sandstones, that is why it is called “the gate of the north Bohemia”. The territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park – the youngest of the Czech Republic’s four national parks – forms a part of the larger territory of the Elbe Sandstones, which has been called Czech and Saxon Switzerland for nearly two centuries. Symbol of the Bohemian Switzerland is Pravcice Gate, a massive sandrock arch, the largest in Europe.

Explore Czech Lands: Town of Decin

Town of Decin is situated in the valley on both banks of the Elbe river and its parts are spreading up the hills around. According to many visitors and local people, i tis one of the most beatiful towns in Czech Republic. Decin Castle is one of the oldest and largest landmarks in northern Bohemia. In the past several hundred years it has served as a point of control for the Bohemian princes, a military fortress, and noble estate.

Czech Songs: This time with Children’s Folk Assembly Trebenicka Slunicka and Draci Brass Band

This week you will hear a traditional folk Czech song about little girl named Dorotka performed by folk Assembly from Trebenice. The Assembly will be accompanied by Dragon Brass Band.

Video Archives:  The Usti Region in other respects, experience an alteration with Brezenec Dragon

The chateau named Cerveny Hradek was built in the 17th century. Since 2000, it has been the seat of the Cultural, Educational and Information Institution Jirkov that organises many cultural events not only in the chateau but also in the town. In the chateau there is also a restaurant, a hotel and an educational facility. The chateau and its gardens are a popular place for wedding ceremonies and various festivities.

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