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Czech Cities & Towns: Town Kourim a royal town,  founded in the later part of the 13th century by King Premysl Otakar II is situated in the very center of Europe. The ambiance of ancient history is felt in every street of the city, in the square, in the park and other parts of the Kourim cadastral territory. Visitors enjoy this area for its ancient past and beautiful nature.

Discover Czech Regions: Central Bohemia.  City of Kutna Hora is a historical town in Central Bohemia developed as a result of the exploitation of the silver mines. In the 14th century it became a royal city endowed with monuments that symbolized its prosperity.  The Church of St Barbara, a jewel of the late Gothic period, and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec, which was restored in line with the Baroque taste of the early 18th century, were to influence the architecture of Central Europe.

ITALIAN COURT in KUTNA HORA in Czech “Vlassky dvur” used to be known as the “jewel“ in the crown of Czech kings and its appeal and charm persists to this day. The original fortified settlement from the late 13th century was converted into a central royal mint in 1300 by King Wenceslas II. The minting reform included the closure of small mints scattered around the entire Kingdom of Bohemia and the introduction of a new coin, the Prague groschen. Production of this currency was concentrated near to the richest source of Kutna Hora.

Dacicky House in Kutna Hora is important for its well-preserved late-Gothic core and High-Baroque facade with reminders of Gothic elements. It is on the corner of the Komensky Square and Rejsek Street. From the viewpoint of history and culture, the house is important as the seat of an Utraquist bishop and the birthplace of the chronicler Mikulas Dacicky of Heslov.

ST BARBARA’S CATHEDRAL in KUTNA HORA is a jewel of the Late Gothic period and one of the four cathedral-type buildings in Bohemia. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the Cathedral of the Assumption of Blessed Mother, St John the Baptist and the historical center of Kutna Hora. The splendor of this structure is a tangible testament to the fame and riches of the silver Kutna Hora as well as of the deep devotion of its creators.

CHOCOLATE MUSEUM in KUTNA HORA is located on Komensky Square where one will enjoy seeing and learning about the many facets of chocolate from the historical journey of cacao from America to Europe and to The Czech Lands.

CATHEDRAL of ASSUMPTION of OUR LADY and ST JOHN THE BAPTIST is a unique UNESCO monument in Sedlec near Kutna Hora. It is a convent church of the former oldest Cistercian monastery in Bohemia (founded in 1142). Together with the Sedlec Ossuary, this church makes up a comprehensive complex of the oldest part of Kutna Hora.

Czech Cooking: Malin’s Pork Pockets  – This recipe is from Central Bohemia

Czech Landmarks: Karlstejn Castle

Czech Destinations: Bohemian Paradise – A Countryside with Tradition …

Explore Czech Lands:  Central Bohemia is the region that encompasses Prague the capital city with one of the most beautify and diversified landscape in all of the Czech Republic. The area has many historic sites, landmark treasures and breath taking views of this land. The rivers, hills, meadows and small mountains with forests all call us to visit and enjoy time being with them. It is up you to see and visit them in person and feel their warmth.

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