Zlin Region – Uhersky Brod Komensky Museum

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Discover Czech Regions:  Zlin Region – Moravian Slovakia or Slovacko is a cultural region in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic.

Moravian Slovakia is a region soaked in sunshine, where centuries of tradition and local folklore are still alive today. White houses with blue blinds and folk costumes are typical of Moravian Slovakia. You can take carved items or ceramics home with you as souvenirs. Discover a picturesque landscape, which you can travel through by bike, among the windmills lending the landscape a Dutch style, or uncover the stories of the pilgrimage sites. Indulge yourself on a trip to Moravian Slovakia on foot, by bike, on the water, or from a bird’s eye view from one of the sight-seeing flights offered by the Aviation Museum in Kunovice.

Special Report:  from Komensky museum in town of Uhersky Brod. The mission of the Museum is to gather documents about the life and work of J. A. Comenius, his current reception and significance, and collect pieces of art of all kinds relating to his personality and work. The Museum is recognized nationwide and closely collaborates with its counterparts at home and abroad. Since the very beginning, J. A. Comenius Museum, Uhersky Brod has also pursued its mission as a museum devoted to the history and ethnography of the Uhersky Brod region.

Explore Czech Lands: City of Uherske Hradiste

This royal city, founded in the 12th century by King Ottokar II, still pulsates with life today. The historical town hall is easy to find, located in the city centre half way between two important medieval squares.

Czech Kitchen: FEAST DAY DOUGHNUTS (Fasankove koblihy)

Czech Songs: This time with Folk Ensemble Cifra from Uherske Hradiste

Czech Destinations: East Moravia

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