April 4, 2017

Category: Broadcast

In this Czech-American TV online Broadcast you will see:

Discover Czech Regions: Zlin Region is located in the central-eastern part of the region of Moravia. The Zlin Region is the fourth smallest region of the Czech Republic and is named after its capital Zlín. On the south-western part of the Region are situated the Chriby highlands with the highest point Brdo. Zlin is famous for its Bata shoes and modern Bata’s functional architecture. Additionally, in Vizovice there is the R. Jelinek distillery which exports its products worldwide.

Czech Destinations: Microregion Slovacko is known for its characteristic folklore, music, wine, costumes and traditions. However, Slovacko is the most notable for the discovery of a ceramic statuette of a nude female – Venus of Dolni Vestonice.  We can also admire the palace of Lednice which was a summer residence of the Princes of Liechtenstein. The Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape complex is also registred in the list of monuments protected by UNESCO.

Special Report: Home Distillery Museum in Village of Vlcnov

Home Distillery Museum in Village of Vlcnov was opened on 15 May 2010 with a collection of three dozen complete distillation apparatus and their parts. The whole exposition is regularly beeing updated and also the museum often organizes various traditional festivals.


Czech Traditions: Slovacko Verbunk Folk Dance is an improvised dance performance. The name of the dance is derived from the German and means “recruitment“. Nowadays, Verbunk is performed by folk dance groups to music called “New Hungarian songs“ and usually consists of three parts. The choreography is marked by improvisation, and individual expression, including jumping contests.


Czech Class: This lessons is about Zlin Region.

In this weeks Czech class you can learn new Czech words and also the names of famous Czech places and personalities, usually with some connection with the Zlin region. If you are interested in learning more you can visit all the previous Czech class lessons on this website.


Czech Songs: This song is from Village of Vlcnov

The charm of the Vlcnov folk costumes has fascinated many artists and photographers. Probably the most famous piece of art of the local folk costumes is the “Ride of the Kings“ in Vlcnov. Folk costumes have a distinctive mix of sharp color such as dark blue cloth and red ornaments on white cloth. The manufacture of costumes is in these days of a hectic everyday life almost impossible.


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