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Discover Czech Regions: Zlin Region – This time about Kromeriz District

Kromeriz was founded in the 13th century as a city of the bishops of Olomouc. They gradually established a representative summer residence here, which reflected their power and wealth. Over the centuries, buildings went up in the city which fascinate people to this very day with their beauty and make Kromeriz a true treasure chest of architecture.

Exploring Czech Lands: Town of Kromeriz is the Athens of Hana, a city the splendor and spectacular beauty of which have secured it a place on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Castle and Gardens of Kromeriz are some of the most beautiful in Europe. You will be engulfed by a labyrinth of green walls, original floral and sculptural decoration, so take a walk along the colonnade and past the historical greenhouses.

Czech Traditions: Ride of the Kings takes place during the spring, as a part of the Pentecost traditions, in the towns of Hluk and Kunovice and the villages of Skoronice and Vlcnov. The culmination of the celebration is the procession of the king and his entourage on adorned horses, which passes through the entire village. This is an original initiation ceremony in which eighteen-year-old boys are welcomed among the adult population of the village.

Video Archive: Zlin Region – Points of Interest & Landmarks

Enjoy a short video  about City of Zlin 

The city of Zlin, which is located in the region of Central Moravia, is nowadays inherently linked to the name Tomas Bata, whose footwear company nowadays provides the whole world with shoes. The swift rise of his company laid the foundations for spectacular development of the city and imprinted it with a unique character.

Cycling in Estern Moravia – Two interesting long-distance cycling trails cross the Zlin region: the Moravian trail follows the valley of the river Morava and brings cyclists from Olomouc up to Lednice-Valtice Area and Beskydsko-karpatská magistrála. Furthermore, there are many other regional trails there.

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