May 15, 2017

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In this Czech-American TV online Broadcast you will see:

Discovery Czech Regions:  Usti Region is located in the north-western part of its historical  land of Bohemia and the whole country. It is named  after its capital Usti nad Labem. It covers the majority  of the former North Bohemia province and is part of  the broader area of North Bohemia.

Usti Region is one of the most industrialized areas in  Central Europe. The economy used to be based on metallurgy and the chemical industry, thought present it is more heterogeneous.

The town of Most offers four attractive facilities to its visitors. One of them comprises the most modern training and testing area for training of drivers in critical situations in Central Europe, which is open all year long – the center of safe driving teaching called POLYGON Most is a part of the motor racing circuit of Most.

Czech Landmarks – Pravcice Gate – The Czech natural landscape boasts several European “bests”. One of them lies in the heart of he fabulous Bohemian Switzerland. The dimensions of this rock arch are truly impressive. The biggest sandstone natural arch in Europe is 16 m high, the span of the arch at the bottom is 26.5 m, width is 7-8 m and minimum thickness is 3 m.

The Ruin of Oparno Castle is located above the valley. Rising up on a narrow steep rock, the castle must have looked very imposing in its heyday. If was founded in the 13th century and used to be one of the oldest castles in the Usti region.

The most valuable area of the region especially comprises the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Elbe Sand-stones Natural Preserve, a part of the Lusatian Mountains Natural Preserve and the whole of the Sluknov Hook.

Explore Czech Lands: Town of Litomerice – is known as the pearl of Northern Bohemia. It lies at the junction of the Elbe River and Ohre River, on the border of fertile Polabi and the Czech Central Mountains. Litomerice was provably founded in the 10 th century when castellan‘s castles were built in the reign of Boleslav.

Teplice Spa Town – boasts the longest tradition in the Czech Republic and will enter its incredible. The unique thermal springs have been used here since the 12th century, making this city one of the oldest spas in the whole of Europe.The Teplice healing springs are used to treat illnesses of the locomotor system, neurological illnesses and illnesses of the circulatory system, the heart and vascular problems.

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