May 1, 2017

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Discovery Czech Regions: The Karlovy Vary Region lies in the westernmost part of the Czech Republic at the border with Germany. When it comes to size, it belongs among the smallest of all Czech regions, but when it comes to historical monuments, exceptional experiences and natural wealth, it ranks among the most beautiful and the most tourist attractive regions.

Interested Facts: Soos Natural Reserve in Karlovy Vary Region. A 0.8 mile long planked nature trail with a number of instructional stops leads through the nature reserve. Visitors may also find a geopark, a museum with natural history and pale-ontological exhibits, a display of life-size prehistoric reptiles, the “Avian World of the Cheb Region” exposition, and a fallow-deer preserve.

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Interested Facts: St. Maurus Reliquary in the castle of Becov nad Teplou. When the Beauforts were forced to leave Becov after World War II had ended, they secretly buried the reliquary under the floor in the castle chapel where it lay hidden for almost 40 years. The reliquary was finally found in 1985, in a very poor condition though. The painstaking restoration of the rare and unique artifact of European significance lasted 11 long years.

Czech Destinations:  Three spa towns in West Bohemia
Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne have long been known as the West Bohemian Spa Triangle. Their uniqueness lies in their geographical proximity, the architectural character of the main spa buildings, and the distinctiveness of their urban planning. Karlovy Vary is the largest spa town in the Czech Republic and has numerous mineral springs, the appearance of this town is completely dominated by generous constructions.

Interested Facts: Loket Castle – There are many interesting things to see at Loket Castle. The most popular of its expositions include the castle prison with an authentic torture display, the museum of weapons, and the porcelain exhibition. The castle is entwined with many tales and legends, such as the legend of Gottstain, the ruler of the Loket cliffs and rocks and of the Underworld, the tale of the magic-struck burgrave, or the tale of the dragon in the castle tower.

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