February 17, 2017

Category: Broadcast

In this Czech-American TV online Broadcast you will see:

Discover Czech Regions: Central Bohemian Region  Its immediate neighbor is the capital city of the Czech Republic and so this region is also attractive to the local inhabitants, chiefly due to its easy access to Prague. This area also offers a picturesque landscape and a number of historic monuments.

Czech Cities & Towns:  Kutna Hora – the City of Silver, is deservedly attributed the other name
“National Treasury”. This is to say that its wealth helped to ensure the boom of the Czech Kingdom. The historical importance and architectural gems of the city center was why it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list added in 1995.

Cuthna Antiqua – The short cartoon introduces, in an entertaining way, the foundation, rise and significance of the silver town of Kutna Hora.

Discover Czech Lands:  The Kokorinsko region spreads is North-East of Melnik and covers the Protected Landscape Area. Kokorinsko is known for its well-preserved and unique nature and other diverse tourist attractions, such as Kokorin Castle, the rock apartment in Lhotka, sandstone formations and rock formations in the nature preserve Kokorinsky dul.

In the Northern part of Kokorinsko, there are the peaks of Polomene hory (Broken hills). The highest hill in this area is called Vratenska hora. At the top, there is a multi-functional steel tower construction with a hexagonal gallery offering a round panoramic view.

Royal experiences at Charles IV sites: Central Bohemia

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